S   O   R   A

The Community-Embedded Token of the Sora Ecosystem

Sora is a community-embedded token that connects the blockchain industry together.

Sora Foundation: The Gateway to Asia

Sora is the brainchild of the team at Sora Foundation, which composes of leaders in the blockchain community. In addition, the foundation has a strategic partnership with Sora Ventures, a leading crypto fund fund dedicated to blockchain and digital assets investments. These digital assets can be conveniently traded through

eToro trading platform. eToro is one of the leading digital currencies trading platform.

The LPs of Sora Ventures consists of Asia’s most influential entrepreneurs in areas of real estate, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, pharmaceutical, supply chain, food & beverages, and financial services.

Based on its extensive experience in the blockchain industry, Sora Foundation realized that the most difficult task facing blockchain projects is the creation and cultivation of the community behind each token, hencefore we have come up with the solution for this problem – the Sora Platform.

Problem: Blockchain Communities are Fragmented

Difficult to Transition

It is difficult for most blockchain projects to scale and transition into real-world use cases due to lack of support from traditional businesses.

Maximalist Thinking

Majority of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers are maximalists which close doors to working with other protocols.

Location Differences

The difference in geography leads to differences in regulatory, business, language, and cultural environment.

Solution: Connect Blockchain Community via Sora Platform

Bloomberg Terminal for Blockchain

Sora can be used to access the Sora platform with information on blockchain projects, industry data, and events.

Access to Blockchain Projects via Exchange

All Sora holders will gain access to having more exposure and involvement with blockchain projects via exchanges.

Access to the Sora Network

Sora can be used as “proof of community” for attending conferences, meetups, and other events hosted by the Sora community.

Benefits: Build a Stronger Connection Between East & West


Jason Fang


Fenbushi Capital, Juzix (formerly Juzhen Financials)

David Roebuck


DFJ Dragon Fund

Jeff Paik


Finector, R3, Fenbushi Capital

Michael Gu

Head of Research

Boxmining, Blockchain Youtuber, 130+ Subscribers


Patrick Dai

Qtum Advisor

Creator of Qtum

Taylor Gerring

Ethereum Advisor

Co-founder of Ethereum

Paul Veradittakit

US Advisor

Partner at Pantera Capital

Clarence Guo

Legal Advisor

Director at Tzedek Law LLC